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So you know you want to write a tiny book. You've read all the juicy deets about what The Tiny Book Course offers (a book #DONE in 45 days? Oh my!).  Your hut (heart + gut) is telling you to dive in and go for it...but you just aren't 100% sure.


Have a specific question that isn't covered on the site?

Just want to talk to an actual human for a few minutes to see if this is the right course, at the right time?


As we do throughout The Tiny Book Course, we've got you covered!


If you are considering the Classic level, click CLASSIC below to schedule a 15-minute chat with one of our book coaches!


If you are considering the VIP level, click VIP below to schedule a 15-minute chat with Lindsey, one of The Tiny Book Course co-creators! 


We want to help you get your tiny book out into the world. It can all start with one tiny conversation. 


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