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Next Class: The Courage to Ask

Friday July 31, 2020 at

12 pm Hawaii / 3 pm Pacific / 6 pm Eastern.

Watch live or watch the recording later.

Cost: Donation-based. This class is a fundraiser for Crisis Text Line: a free volunteer-run 24/7 mental health counseling service.

Contribute what you can. 100% goes to this organization.

Class includes: live-streaming video (60 mins) + downloadable workbook.


Hosted by Alexandra Franzen. Featuring Special Guest Dale Franzen, Tony and Grammy Award-winning producer…and Alex’s mom!


First, go to the Crisis Text Line website and make a donation directly on that site. Any amount. Honor system. Once you’ve donated, then sign up for class below. If you are experiencing financial difficulties and cannot make a donation right now, that's okay! Just put 0 in both sections.

What do you need to ASK for?


Maybe you want to ask your dream client to hire you.


Maybe you want to ask your manager for a promotion, better office, or flexible schedule.


Maybe you want to ask hundreds of people to believe in your mission and donate large sums of money to your social justice cause.


Or maybe you want to ask your spouse—or roommate—to wash their own damn dishes!


Whatever you want, it’s not going to happen unless you ask for it.


Asking can sometimes feel intimidating and trigger all kinds of uncomfortable emotions, especially for women.


Attend this free/donation-based writing class to hear true stories, get inspired, and gain skills from two master askers: Alexandra and her mom, Dale!


You’ll walk away from this class with clear ideas that you can use in your writing and conversations immediately.


Here’s what we’re covering:


- How Dale raised $100 million dollars to build a performing arts center in Los Angeles (by asking for donations!), and reached her goal, even though she had no previous fundraising experience.


- How Alex signed a three-book deal with a publisher by asking 25 times (and getting rejected 24 out of 25!).


- Dale’s philosophy on asking—as an extrovert—versus Alexandra’s philosophy—as an introvert—and different ways to ask depending on your personality type.


- How to handle difficult emotions (insecurity, overwhelm, discouragement), feel the discomfort, and take action anyway.


- Specific statements you can use in texts, emails, and conversations to ask for what you want simply, clearly, and confidently, and frame it as a win-win proposition.


When you confidently ask for what you want, doors open for you.

It’s time to find the courage to ask.

Tell your friends about this class. Invite your whole community to attend!


More attendees = more donations = more funds raised = more good, done.

Each month, we pick a new topic and a new cause to support. 

Want to suggest a topic or cause? Email

About the Instructors

Alexandra Franzen

Alexandra Franzen is a writer and entrepreneur. She’s a sought-after expert on how to craft language that inspires people to say stop stalling, say yes, and take action right now.


She’s the ghostwriter behind numerous #1 bestselling books, inspirational TEDx talks, and other speeches and presentations. She’s also the author of 6 books of her own, founder of the award-winning Tiny Press, a book publishing imprint, and a writing teacher who has taught in 18 cities around the world.


Alexandra has written articles for Time, Forbes, Newsweek, The Huffington Post, and Lifehacker. Her work has been mentioned in The New York Times Small Business Blog, The Atlantic, The Los Angeles Times, and Inc.

Dale Franzen

Dale Franzen is a Tony Award and Grammy Award-winning musical theatre producer, opera singer, and former Director of the Broad Stage in Los Angeles.


She has raised millions of dollars for the performing arts, education, and social justice causes, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Public Library System. She’s also a mom of three kids, a wife, and lover of shortbread cookies and tea.


Dale’s newest passion is long-distance ocean swimming, and she’s currently training for her first 1-mile ocean race. Because it’s never too late to become an athlete, author, leader, asker, or anything else you long to be.

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