Frequently asked questions

Product Description

Pantex Recombinant DNA Produced Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies are produced with custom synthesized immunogens linked at novel positions to the steroid molecule for optimum sensitivity and specificity. Provided completely characterized and compared against Mass Spec LC-MS/MS to determine specificity before market release. Advantages of Pantex Recombinant DNA Produced Monoclonal Antibodies:

  • In-house developed.
  • Greater sensitivity and specificity.
  • High batch to batch consistency and reproducibility.
  • Uninterrupted supply.
All Pantex antibodies are characterized to function in serum, plasma or salivary immunoassays. Industrial bulk or research quantities available. Matching HRP enzyme conjugates are available for all steroid antisera.

General Notes

Insignificant cross-reaction with related steroids or similar compounds. Extraordinarily high titers allow for direct coating onto microwells. High sensitivity allows accurate measurement in small serum, plasma, or saliva samples.