Frequently asked questions

I have a million ideas. Will you help me decide which one is best?

We know the feeling of having a million ideas and wanting to do all the things. This course will help you simplify your idea and choose the one that feels good now. Chances are if you have a million ideas, you will go on to write other books. This course will help you get clear on your Tiny Book idea so you can get your book published!

I don’t have any ideas, but feel called to write a book. Will this course help me solidify an idea?

Absolutely! We all have a book (or books!) inside of us. Sometimes you just need the coaching and support to help you solidify your idea to get started. We will help you solidify your idea on week one so you can get started writing your Tiny Book.

How long will I have access to the content?

You will have access to the course...forever! Before the course ends, we’ll send you all the course content to easily download.

What are the LIVE call dates? What happens if I have to miss one?

The live call dates are: Kick-off meeting: October 1 at 10 am Hawaii / 1 pm Pacific / 4 pm Eastern. Check-in meeting 1: October 15 at 10 am Hawaii / 1 pm Pacific / 4 pm Eastern. Check-in meeting 2: October 29 at 10 am Hawaii / 1 pm Pacific / 4 pm Eastern. Book show-and-tell and closing celebration: November 16 at 10 am Hawaii / 1 pm Pacific / 4 pm Eastern. Gotta miss one? It happens! No worries as it will be recorded and available for you to rewatch. Have a specific question you want answered, but can’t make the call? You can submit any questions you have ahead of time, so we can ensure we take care of you!

I’ve done online programs before, but I crave individualized attention. How much support do you provide?

We are invested instructors who are committed to making sure you are a success. We want to see your book live just as much as you do! The course is a mix of both live and pre-recorded modules, meaning you will have a chance to get individualized support during our calls. Additionally, we have book coaches standing by via email. You can reach out for support anytime and receive an email back within 1-2 days by a real live human. If you want more individualized attention, the VIP Experience might be best for you.

How much time will I need to set aside each week to get my book published?

This will be different for everyone, but we suggest you set aside one hour each week to go through any modules or materials, and 2-3 hours a week to focus on your writing. This, however, totally depends on your Tiny Book and project. If you are writing a journal, it might only take you a few hours to write. If you are compiling recipes, it might take a few hours to organize everything in a document. With the Tiny Book Course, we help you see what is realistic for you right now. We’ll help you simplify your book even further, so if you have a few hours, or unlimited hours, you can write and publish your Tiny Book.

Are there any additional costs to publishing my book? What should I know?

We’ve created this course with all budgets in mind. We’ll teach you how to publish your book for $0. (That’s right, ZERO). We provide do-it-yourself interior design templates to save you hundreds of dollars laying out your book. It’s as easy as “copy and paste.” If you have the budget,want a done-for-your approach, and want support on your cover, layout, and editing, you can purchase the VIP Experience package.

What's your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds for the Tiny Book Course, for any reason. Once you enroll, we fully commit to you, and we ask that you bring that same level of commitment to us and to your book. No cancellations. No refunds. Thank you for respecting this policy. Please double-check your budget, your schedule, and your "hut" (heart + gut) before enrolling to make sure this course is the right move for you. If you enroll but then decide you don't want to do the course, you can give your spot to a friend or colleague--like a "gift certificate." How generous of you! They will be so stoked! Email support@tinybookcourse.com to arrange this.

When is the last day to enroll?

The lasy day to enroll in the Fall 2020 Tiny Book Course is September 25, 2020.