The Tiny Book Course

with Alexandra Franzen and Lindsey Smith

This beloved course is offered once a year…and always fills up!

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Do you dream about writing a book?

​​But maybe you feel intimidated about the notion of writing a gigantic 300-page book?

Writing a “Tiny Book” might be a great option for you.

​A Tiny Book is a short book (typically 30 to 70 pages) on any topic that excites you. 


Your Tiny Book could be a family cookbook that you create along with your kids, a collection of love letters to your spouse, a workbook filled with helpful tips for your clients, a journal, coloring book, memoir, children’s book, how-to guide, or any other kind of book you want to create.

The Tiny Book Course takes you from Point A

(“I want to write a book!”) 

to Point B

(“Oh my gosh, I did it! My book is done!”)


while keeping the process simple and joyful.

We guide you through every step—from choosing a topic, to outlining, writing, editing, interior layout, cover design, and self-publishing.


You want to sell your book online on Amazon and other retailers? We show you how to do that, too!


Do The Tiny Book Course, and discover that this journey is not as complicated as you think.

Experience the joy of holding the finished book in your hands!

The Tiny Book Course includes 45 days of outstanding customer support.
Email anytime if you have a question, feel stuck, want to brainstorm, or need a pep talk.
Get a personal reply from an actual human being who cares about you and your book.
This level of support, alone, is worth the entire cost of the course.

Check out beautiful books written by our graduates!

What you gain from this course

Become an author. (Finally!)

We demystify the process for you, and show you that creating a book can be a lot simpler than you thought. We specialize in helping first-time authors get their book done.

Gain confidence in your writing.

If you struggle with perfectionism, self-criticism, overanalyzing, nitpicking, or just feel like your writing is never “good enough,” this course will help tremendously.

Experience the power of finishing.

You start lots of projects but rarely finish anything? This course helps you break out of that pattern. Learn how to set realistic goals, clear away distractions, and get things done. Carry these skills into other parts of your life, too.

Meet new writer friends and colleagues.

Writing can sometimes feel isolating, but you’re not doing this alone. Between your book coaches and fellow classmates, you’ve got hundreds of companions on this journey.

Bragging rights.

You know what? Writing a book is pretty darn cool. You’ll be able to show off your book to your family, kids, friends, colleagues, clients, complete strangers on the street…and rightfully so! You’re amazing!

Yes, we send you snail mail!

While the majority of this course happens online, we also send snail-mail to you! You get a Tiny Book Kit shipped to your door filled with stickers, checklists, a workbook, and more. So fun.

Rave Reviews

Read rave reviews from people who completed The Tiny Book Course last year.
Check out these exciting wins!

"The course demystified the process for me. I not only completed my book and fulfilled a dream, but I am looking forward to future books.” - Amy Busch


“I completed a friggin’ manuscript!!” - Michelle B.


“I finished my book, but through this process realized that I can do anything I put my mind to, and I learned so much!” - V.N.


“Feeling empowered! New skills, patience, and got to meet the best people.” - Stephanie McGuirt


“Achieved a goal that I had since grade 8!” - Agnes Wainman


“I fell more in love with publishing and further honed the process.” - Kayla Floyd

“I realized I can do it! Also letting go of perfectionism allows words to flow for me.” - Lisa Sarick


“I gained something nourishing to focus on during a difficult time. This tiny book (and course) has been my respite.” - Melissa Pennel


“There is a place in the world for my stories, even if they are small.” - Mayuri Amarnath

Enroll soon to secure a spot

The Tiny Book Course is offered just once a year.


We cap enrollment once we reach a certain number of students, so please enroll soon to guarantee a spot in the 2021 course.


Preparing for Success: September 1 - 10, 2021

- Receive your Welcome Kit via snail mail.
- Attend the Preparing for Success kick-off meeting. September 7 at 10 am Hawaii / 1 pm Pacific / 4 pm Eastern.

- Complete your Getting Ready checklist.
- Set up your distraction-free workspace.

- Log into the beautiful Tiny Book Course Classroom and watch the first couple of tutorial videos.

- Choose a topic for your book.

- Create your book outline.


Write, Write, Write: September 11 - 30, 2021

- Write the manuscript for your tiny book! It’s go time!

- Watch quick videos to get writing tips and get the words flowing.

- Attend the first Check-In meeting with your book coaches. September 21 at 10 am Hawaii / 1 pm Pacific / 4 pm Eastern.

- Bop into The Tiny Book Course Forum (if you want, completely optional) to share your wins and meet fellow writers.

- Email anytime if you feel stuck, want to brainstorm, or just need a little more support.


Editing, Design, and Self-Publishing: October 1 - 14, 2021

- Use our guidelines to edit and polish your book.

- Use our templates (variety of sizes) to create the interior for your book.

- Watch our tutorial to create a beautiful cover design for your book.

- Attend the second Check-In meeting with your book coaches. October 5 at at 10 am Hawaii / 1 pm Pacific / 4 pm Eastern.

- Upload your final file for self-publishing and printing. OMG, it’s really happening!

- Wait eagerly for your book to arrive at your doorstep. Eeeeee!


Celebration Call: October 15, 2021

- Attend the Celebration Call! October 15 at at 10 am Hawaii / 1 pm Pacific / 4 pm Eastern.

Show off your completed book. Share one thing you learned from the journey. Cheer for your classmates. Try not to melt into a puddle of tears.

Writing a book isn’t just about the book.


It’s bigger than that.


For some, it’s about using your voice, silencing your inner critic, accomplishing a lifelong goal, or creating something that will exist for your loved ones even after you’re gone.


Hear from a few folks who did the course—and what this experience meant to them.

Everything you get & time commitment


The Tiny Book Course runs 45 days.


Time commitment is approximately 5 hours per week.


This course includes:

Welcome Kit, delivered to you via snail mail, including your official course workbook, journal, pens, stickers, and a few surprises.

Online education, including short videos, short emails, and Zoom meetings.

All Zoom meetings are recorded in case you want to watch and catch up later.

Tutorial videos, worksheets, and checklists to keep you organized and focused.

The Tiny Book Course Forum where you can meet fellow writers and celebrate your wins.

Rewards and surprises you earn for moving forward with your book project!

45 days of outstanding customer support. Email anytime during the course to ask a question, get advice, or request a pep talk. Get a personal reply within 1-3 business days.

Guidance from bestselling authors and publishing industry veterans who’ve written dozens of books and who’ve coached thousands of new authors through the journey.

Secure your spot soon!

The Tiny Book Course

- Course dates: September 1 - October 15, 2021

- Very last day to enroll: August 15, 2021

- Welcome Kit delivered to you via snail mail + online education.
- This course includes 45 days of outstanding customer support. Email anytime if you feel stuck, have a question, or need a pep talk. Get a personal response from an actual human being who cares about you.


Considering this course but want to ask a question

before you enroll?

We call it “Tiny Book magic”


Writing a book creates a magical ripple effect. Once your book is done, out in the world, it can unlock all kinds of surprising and unexpected doors.


It can lead to new clients, media opportunities, speaking gigs, fan mail from a complete stranger, or even a closer relationship with your kids.


Who knows what kinds of Tiny Book magic will happen in your life?


Join The Tiny Book Course, get your book done, and let the magic begin!

Meet The Tiny Book Team


Alexandra Franzen

Alexandra Franzen is a writer, consultant,and entrepreneur based in Hawaii. 


Her sixth book is The Checklist Book: Set Realistic Goals, Celebrate Tiny Wins, Reduce Stress and Overwhelm, and Feel Calmer Every Day.

She writes about a wide range of topics: life, love, death, grief, unplugging from technology, creativity, focus, productivity, simplicity, time–and how we spend it.


Lindsey Smith

Lindsey is a writer, literary agent, and the Founder of One Idea Press. She is obsessed with publishing and to date, she has helped over 1000 people write and self-publish their books.

She's written eight books of her own including her award-winning book, Eat Your Feelings.

Lindsey also dabbles in stand-up comedy and resides in Pittsburgh, PA with her punk rock husband and their adorable pup, Winnie Cooper.

Woz Flint

Woz is our community manager and customer support angel. As a writer, photographer, and creative spirit herself, she completely “gets” the excitement (and challenges) that come along with completing a creative project. You’ll see her in the Forum providing incredible care and support to our authors.


Lucy Giller

Our designer extraordinaire! You will love Lucy’s tutorial videos on how to create the interior and cover design for your book. She also pops into The Tiny Book Course Forum to answer questions if you’re feeling confused about anything.



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