Book Production Services

Take your project from “Word document” to “actual finished book.”

You've written a book—or at least, a pretty solid first draft.


Maybe it needs a little finessing, but it's pretty much done.


And you're wondering,


"Now what? How do I turn this Word document into an actual, beautiful, finished book that I can hold in my hands?"

Find out how

We can help.


Hire us, send us your Word doc, and our expert Book Production Team handles everything else.


Once we’ve got your document, we:

Proofread your manuscript to clean up typos.

Do copyediting to make sure everything flows.

Do interior design and layout including photos and illustrations or not, depending on your vision.

Create a gorgeous cover design to bring your book's message to life.

Help you upload your book for self-publishing so you can order as many copies as you wantorder one book, ten books, hundreds or thousands.

Want to sell your book on Amazon and other retailers? We walk you through how to sell your book online.  (Not requiredsome authors want to sell their books publicly and some don't!)

Coach you on how to plan a successful book launch, and how to manage those last minute jitters and insecurities ("What if my book is terrible and everyone hates it?") that often arise.

And, of course, we celebrate with you once your book is all done! We even send you a celebratory gift in the mail.

Maybe you want to create a personal book that is just for you and your loved ones—like a collection of advice for your kids, a family cookbook, or a book honoring your grandmother’s life and legacy.
Or maybe you want to create a book for your clients, students, or a book that’s available for readers around the world.
Whatever vision you have, we can take it from “idea” to “done” and make the experience wonderfully easy (and even relaxing!) for you.

You will love that incredible moment when the package arrives at your doorstep, and you open it, and you pull out your book. A book that you wrote. With your own mind, heart, and hands.
Best feeling ever.

Books We've Produced

Peek at some of the beautiful books we've produced!

Rave Reviews

Clients love working with us because we make the process so easy! Just hand us your Word document and we take care of the rest! 
We treat every client like a VIP and work closely with you to create a book that you will love.

“A HUGE sense of accomplishment. This content wanted to be out in the world!” - Leslie Tagorda

“I really love the tone that Alex and Lindsey set. Everything was so doable.” - Suzy Rosenstein 

“I realized that, until now, I had neglected myself, my ideas, and my courage.” - Tammy Holt, author of Superpowers Activate: A Guide to Empower Your Inner Superhero

“I learned the importance of action over perfection.” - Laura Gates

“I gained something nourishing to focus on during a difficult time. This tiny book (and course) has been my respite.” - Melissa Pennel




Tiny Book (up to 20,000 words)

Long Book (up to 60,000 words)

If you want a complex book with original photography, full-color illustrations for every page, or other design elements that take more time to create, then your pricing might be higher. We will discuss everything with you ahead of time, so there are no surprises. 


We have flexible payment options. If you want to pay a small deposit now, and pay the rest later, we can set that up for you. 


Interested in our Book Production Services?



I’ve written a book, and I have a solid draft. I’m pretty happy with it. It’s 90% done but needs a little polishing. Can I hire you?

Yes! You are a perfect candidate for our Book Production Services. Email us or schedule a call to discuss your project. Let’s take it all the way to the finish line!

I have an idea for my book, but I haven’t written anything yet. Can I hire you?

In order to hire us for Book Production Services, you need to have a solid first draft that you can pass along to us. If you haven’t written anything yet, you might enjoy The Tiny Book Course. This is a course that helps you choose a topic for your book, outline it, write it, and get your manuscript finished. That course would be an excellent first step for you. Once you’ve got a manuscript, then you’re ready to work with us!

I want to create a book that is pretty short. Like a 30-day journal that’s not very long. Can I hire you?

Yes! We love “tiny books” (aka: simple, brief books that are shorter than a typical full-length book), and we’d love to work with you. Tiny books can change the world. Big ideas in a small package.

I want to create a paperback book / hardcover book / digital book. Can you do that for me?

Yup, we do all three!

What kinds of books do you produce? Do you produce books in all genres? Or just non-fiction?

All genres! Non-fiction, fiction, poetry, essay collections, children’s books, journals—we’ve done it all.

I want my book to be a huge success and become a bestseller. Can you help me achieve that goal?

Yes…and no. We can help you decide what “success” actually means to you. We can provide suggestions on how to announce your book to the world. We can advise you based on our own experiences as authors who’ve written bestselling and award-winning books of our own. But we can’t guarantee that your book will be a massive commercial success and sell millions of copies. Nobody can guarantee that. Our best advice to you is: get your book into the world, stay open to surprises and unexpected opportunities, and know that if your book helps even just ONE person, that is a big deal.

What if you design my book but I hate how it looks? :(

We work closely with you to create an interior design and cover design that you love. We ask questions to get clear on your vision and we tweak based on your feedback. We have NEVER had a single client who “hated” their book design. We promise you will be delighted.

How long will it take to get my book done?

From the time you hand us your Word document, to the time the completed book is finished and you can hold it in your hands, it is typically 6-8 weeks.

Why should I hire you, rather than another company that offers similar services?

We only produce 5 to 10 books at a time. We get to know each client on a personal level and provide a level of intimacy, closeness, kindness, and friendship that you simply don’t get with most companies. We also understand the emotional side of authorship—the perfectionism, self-criticism, insecurity, imposter syndrome, and doubt that can often arise, and we gently coach you through those “what am I doing?” moments.

Who’s on the Book Production Team?

You’ll primarily be working with: Lindsey Smith, an award-winning bestselling author and publishing maven who knows pretty much everything there is to know about bringing books into the world, Lucy Giller, our talented designer, Woz Flint, our delightful project manager, Andrew Fox, our eagle eye who does proofreading and copyediting, and Alexandra Franzen, bestselling author, who chimes in to help you clear emotional blocks (perfectionism, doubt, overwhelm) and stay committed to bringing your book into the world. . . . Writing a book is not only an incredible personal accomplishment, it’s also a decision that can unlock all kinds of exciting professional doors. Once you’re an author, having a book out in the marketplace can lead to new clients, media appearances, speaking engagements, or even unexpected fan mail from a reader who lives halfway across the world. If you dream about creating a book, we can help.