The Tiny Book Course

Do you dream about writing a book?

Tiny Books.jpg

But maybe you feel intimidated about the notion of writing a gigantic 300-page book?

Writing a “Tiny Book” might be a great option for you.

A Tiny Book is a short book (typically 30 to 70 pages) on any topic that excites you.

Your Tiny Book could be a family cookbook that you create along with your kids, a collection of love letters to your spouse, a workbook filled with helpful tips for your clients, a journal, coloring book, memoir, children’s book, how-to guide, or any other kind of book you want to create.

The Tiny Book Course takes you from Point A (“I want to write a book!”) to Point B (“Oh my gosh, I did it! My book is done!”) while keeping the process simple and joyful.

Enrollment for the 2021 course is now closed.


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